Heilker’s Genre to My Location

Heilker believes that the genres in life in which you surround yourself with, will have a part in shaping you as a person. You will become and live that genre. This relates to many things in psychology and makes sense. If you went through a rough childhood, it will shape you as a person. If you live in an unhealthy genre full of drugs, that will also shape you. Your genre is what you choose to be a part of and become. It took the author many years to find their genre and realize that they needed to change. It is something we have to come to learn rather than be taught right away.

Heilker says that we dwell in that place, and that we become it. I think that this quote is interesting because it seems like you either are, or you aren’t. It doesn’t introduce the idea of living in multiple genres and having different things influence you but it rather talks about one single thing pertaining to your life. Maybe the author means that each of the genres you involve yourself with you become.

When the author talks about how genera can affect and become part of your life, I believe this pertains heavily to my locations. Generally people who go to parties go regularly or not at all. I believe this is because it is a kind of love hate scenario. Either you are having a lot of fun drinking and dancing with your friends, or you dont want to be social and would rather go home. This type of lifestyle puts a smile on my face. I’m on the end of the spectrum that loves it. I love to hear everyone yelling, to see everyone dancing, and to feel the bass bumping to the beat. This is why I believe this genre and place I have chosen relates to what the author says. That what we surround ourselves in and get involved with will be part of shaping us as a person.

Heilker uses the example of a desk as a genre. A few more examples of genre could include the water you drink, being a sophomore student in college, if you eat fast food or cook yourself, sports you play, backpacks you buy, your favorite type of nature spot, clothing brands, and the extracurricular activities you involve yourself with. These things are genres that make up part of bigger things and can be specific to the people that use them.

When it comes to my place there are definitely some normal genres you will come across. Usually people will be between the ages of 18–22. If someone is much younger or older it is generally found weird that they would be at a party. Normally students as well since we live so close to a college campus. A great majority of the people come to consume alcohol and dance while listening to music. Generally rap or EDM is played and people tend to have a preference of one over the other. I believe that the audience of my place tightly matches the genre that comes with it.

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