Staeheli’s Conceptualization

Staeheli’s Conceptualization helps us take a step back and break down how we look at a place. By dividing how we look at a place into 5 categories. By looking individually at these categories we can better understand a place we are looking at.

The first concept I will use is the concept as place as cultural or social. Tim Cresswell defines this as, “how certain people and activities are expected to be in or take place in certain physical boundaries, and vice versa”

This means that we are looking at who is aloud in this place and how they will behave. Different people are expected in different places and it can help us see how it changes a place our our own experience with a place.

My location is interesting to use for this example as it tends to stay generally constant, but there are alway small changes to the norm. Parties around campus typically have the same people coming every week. You will see a lot of familier faces on a weekly basis. But at the same time, you will also see new people that want to come out and see what the party life is about. You can usually tell these people apart on how they act and how comfortable they act. Someone who is around a lot will be more talkative and outgoing generally than someone who has only been to a few parties.

The second concept I will look at is place as context. This refers to place as, “more of a collection of the “events, objects, and actions,”” When we use this view, it is easy to think of it as an overhead view looking down on our place. We want to look at the surrounding area and how our place fits in. Does it stick out or fit in with the surrounding geography? How does it flow with the places and vibes around it?

I thought that it would be interesting to look at this view as it ties in college life, the quiet town of bellingham, and parties that not everyone goes too. People may look at Western Washington University as a typical college school but the vibe of Bellingham can change that. Bellingham is typically considered a small, quiet, hippie town and people dont really know what goes on besides hiking and outdoor activities. But there is a whole side to Bellingham and WWU that many people dont consider. Parties are a weekly event that change locations weekly. It’s not like at a University with a greek system as their parties are generally in the same locations. Thats why many people might not notice how many parties there are as they are typically spread out across multiple locations. I think that is why people forget about the context of Bellingham, WWU, and parties around town.

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