Mending… Hopefully.

Following up after:

The last week quickly became one of the most agonizing weeks I’ve had in years. After following doctor’s orders of even more rest, and taking things even slower. I put up with having to sit in bed most of the day, despite pain still lingering around. After almost a week I could take a few very careful steps. I started feeling like the splint I was told to wear was too firm and a bit painful, so I went to go back to something lighter… before I could even get to it, I took a single careful step, and felt shocks of pain go through the bad foot.

Somehow, that one step caused another complication on top of the rest. My foot became extremely tender, and I again regressed from taking a few steps to taking none, plus more constant pain. My foot went cold and just stayed that way for several days straight. Each day got a little bit worse. I couldn’t get an opening with any preferred specialists without significant wait, so I had to go to the only other clinic available.

I spent 7 hours waiting in offices to get an xray, be told I have a fracture, then get a follow-up CAT scan, and be told I have nothing, that’s all they could do, go see a specialist. (Which is what I asked them for at the start of the day.) I was extremely hopeful when they said it looked like a fracture, because I needed SOMETHING to explain what was wrong with me. Having to wait another 4 hours after that only to be told “no diagnosis, go away” was one of the most crushing moments in a long time.

I finally got to see a real specialist, who ordered an MRI for more information. He said much of what I described sounds like a nervous system condition that can happen after multiple injuries to the same area, especially the hands and feet. The nerves go haywire, and send pain signals when they shouldn’t, or are just hyper-sensitive to pain. While a diagnosis would be comforting, this condition has no guaranteed-success treatment. And in the worse cases, it can start to amplify and spread to both hands and feet as a permanent condition.

It’s not easy to take news like that, even if it’s a relatively small chance. Combined with the inability to properly exercise for weeks, starting to need help from others for routine chores (buying food, taking out trash), and every means of getting around causing pain one way or another, it became quickly depressing. Luckily, after one of the most emotionally straining stretches of time I’ve had, I was able to enjoy a great weekend with friends and just feel like a normal person again, which I desperately needed.

At the moment, I’m just waiting for the MRI analysis and followup in a few days. I can stand in place on my own again, and I’m getting closer to being able to walk without crutches. I’m in much better spirits between the weekend, and finally seeing some small improvements.

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