Lessons Learned Against The Ropes- Pt. 1

It’s no secret that we’re kinda huge Rocky fans, here at Wolfcub; “The Eye of the Tiger” gets played at least once a week in the office (it was number 1 in the charts when John Wolf was born, which is clearly a sign), we drink tea out of Rocky mugs and often spend our lunch times at the local abattoir ‘slugging it out’ before, training for our next fight…

This blog post originally started off as a bit of a company joke but then we realised that there actually could be something in it. When we were younger, Rocky for us was about perfecting our one-arm push-ups, drinking raw eggs and searching for the best power ballads to soundtrack our mundane, teenage lives. As we’ve matured (slightly) we’ve actually come to learn that it’s also about a few other things too; things that we can apply to our business…just…trust us!

Lesson 1: When all is said and done, have a raw egg smoothie…

Or a pint, if like me, you’d rather skip on the violent illness. Don’t get me wrong, as revolting delicious as raw egg smoothies are, they’re not exactly the beverage of choice when it comes to patting yourself on the back after a long week; and it’s important to pat yourself on the back. Regularly.

Even if for whatever reason, you haven’t quite reached your target as planned, or you’re having one of those days where you Just.Keep. Getting. Distracted by cute cat videos (personally, I’m more of a baby sloth kinda girl?) It’s all about taking time out to stop and recognise what you’ve achieved, and if you’re that way inclined, whipping yourself up a salmonella special.

At Wolfcub, we’re strong advocates of the old adage: work hard/ play hard — which is why we bought ourselves a yacht, boat, a dinghy (you’ve got to start somewhere, right?!) Balance is important in most aspects of our lives, not just in business but sometimes when you’re a small business like us, it’s hard to remember to take time out and have fun. When you’re heavily invested in something, it’s easy to convince yourself that if you let go of the reigns for just a second, the whole thing will fall down around you. However, as essential dedication is in the workplace, no one likes a “smother” (the Goldberg fans among you will know what I’m talking about). Even though Rocky, probably wouldn’t advocate this, it’s healthier, more productive and beneficial to let go every now and again; let loose, recalibrate and start seeing the wood from the trees again.

So, whether your idea of fun is whipping up a 6 egg shake and practicing your one arm push ups à la Mr. Balboa, taking a line dancing class or knitting with cat hair (yes really). Make sure that you take time out away from your desk and out of the daily grind. Mix things up, have fun, remember to tell yourself or your team when they’ve kicked ass and try not to take things toooooo seriously. That way, as Mickey says, “You’re gonna eat lightnin’ and you’re gonna crap thunder!” (That was totally just an excuse to include one of the best rocky quotes #sorrynotsorry)

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