An ad hominem attack is not an argument.

I tried to have an intellectually honest conversation with a Trump supporter — this is how it went.

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It did not go well. It was both fascinating and depressing. At moments, it felt like trying to nail pudding to a wall. [If you support Trump yourself, I challenge your open-mindedness and ask you to read through the end. Maybe you can help right the ship?]

Facebook started it, with a friend suggestion: someone I didn’t know but whose last name I recognized. I sent a friend request, asking her if she was related to my former boss at a software project, now retired. …

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I believe that using a browser as an IDE is the future.

A lot of people easily switched to VS Code; moving to a Web IDE will be just as easy. With a Web IDE you could develop on an iPad or Chromebook at a coffee shop. A Web IDE makes source code safer as the entire code ‘doesn’t walk out the door’ with the developer. It also makes it easier to onboard new developers: I don’t have to worry about their local setup.

Using a Web IDE should increase productivity. In fact, I see using a Web IDE as a part of the low-code movement. …

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