What it means to lead the team like an alpha wolf

If we watch wolves, It’s not hard to make the conclusion that no species are more alike behaviourally, than humans and wolves. The photograph below was taken by Chadden Hunter and featured in the BBC documentary Frozen Planet in 2011:

A massive pack of 25 timberwolves hunting bison on the Arctic circle in northern Canada. In mid-winter in Wood Buffalo National Park temperatures hover around -40°C. The wolf pack, led by the alpha female, travel single-file through the deep snow to save energy. The size of the pack is a sign of how rich their prey base is during winter when the bison are more restricted by poor feeding and deep snow. The wolf packs in this National Park are the only wolves in the world that specialise in hunting bison ten times their size. They have grown to be the largest and most powerful wolves on earth.
Photo from Frozen Planet (2011) by BBC

A group of wolves. Three in the front are older and sick (grey), they walk in front to set the pace of the working group, so they will not be left behind.

The following five (red) are the strongest and the most efficient, they have the task of protecting the front, if there is any attack. The pack in the middle is always secure. The five behind them are also among the strongest and the best; they have the task of protecting the rear, in case of an attack.

The last one (blue) is the alpha-female, the leader of the pack. Making sure no one stays behind. She is always willing to run in any direction to protect and serve as a ‘bodyguard’ to the whole group.

From this position, she keeps the herd together and makes sure the pack follows one clear path.

Be a Wolf

This is what means to be the leader. It’s not about being in the front, it means taking care of the team and setting clear and right direction.

How does this reflect on your company?

The wolf pack advances by the rhythm and speed of weaker wolves, under command of their leader, in the mutual understanding to leave no one behind. Does your team advances towards its goals, success, happiness and growth or towards survival?

We can help. #StayWolf and set your direction to the Wolfhouse.

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