I am a passionate techie. And I am a passionate entrepreneur. This in itself would be plenty to keep me busy.

But there is one task that persistently shows up at the very top of my pile: Writing content for blog posts, medium, press releases and articles published in online and print publications — sometimes under my own name, sometimes under the name of their publishers.

Why do I do it?
Because I enjoy it. Because I believe that communicating ideas is a core skill to learn. And because it works: When it comes to attracting new users, content consistently…

Over the last months I’ve been working on a soon-to-be-released app called Arcentry that lets users create isometric diagrams of backend and cloud architectures.

Apart from some conventional controls written in VueJS, Arcentry is first and foremost a large, interactive canvas on which users can place, move, edit and connect objects, lines, areas, labels, icons and all the other bits and bobs that make up modern architectures.

For this canvas we used WebGL, a browser based implementation of the OpenGL 3D standard — and boy, were we in for a ride.

Why WebGL?

I’m terrible with secrets. I’ve always been. Back when I was still working in corporate land, I gave our receptionist a run for her money when it came to gossiping — and trust me, this is saying a lot.

Today, with deepstream 3.0 on the horizon I’m not much better:

Over the last month we’ve been working hard to turn deepstreamHub into a global realtime platform — one that goes beyond the current generation of PubSub services or realtime DBs and makes cloud-based deepstream accessible at large scale.

But deepstreamHub isn’t just hosted deepstream. It comes with its own set…

Want to send a request to a server and get a response back? Use HTTP! Simple as that. But when it comes to managing communication via persistent, bi-directional connections, e.g. WebSockets or TCP you’re looking at one heck of a choice.

This post hopes to shed some light onto the world of MQTT, XMPP, STOMP, AMQP, WAMP and all sorts of proprietary alternatives (plus paves the ground for the next post, explaining why we choose to build our own). …

HTTP is coming to deepstreamHub! Our upcoming HTTP API will allow any HTTP capable programming language or device (so pretty much everything) to read, write and delete records, send events or make RPCs using a simple JSON format.

Why is this awesome?

  • Because it allows PHP, Ruby on Rails and other Fast CGI languages to be used with deepstreamHub (PHP client coming very soon, watch this space!)
  • Because it allows you to bulk-import thousands of records into deepstreamHub using a single HTTP request
  • Because it allows any website to quickly read a record, send an event or request an RPC via Ajax without having…

I like to bet. Not gambling or online betting — it’s not about winning money. I like to bet with people and enjoy the gloating and smack talking leading up to the result: You could argue I’m a bit douchy that way.

But I am successful — or at least I’ve been on an amazingly lucky streak lately. Why? Because I’ve started betting on the distortion in our news intake from other countries. I’ve been betting on what I’d like to call: “international coverage bias”.

Cognitive biases are a hot topic at the moment: Books like Daniel Kahneman’s “Thinking, Fast…

Wolfram Hempel

founder of https://arcentry.com/, co-founder of https://deepstreamhub.com/, ok-ish husband and best friend to the world's fluffiest dog.

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