Many would probably say I’m too young to be accepting anything. Certainly at this age. However, I believe that it’s through acceptance that one tends to grow. So lately I’ve been practicing it. Now, I know we all have something we’d rather not accept. That job that we just can’t get. That test we have yet to pass. That guy that just won’t be the man you want him to be. Or, that girl that just won’t be the potential wife you want them to be. We’ve all experienced those. Recently I had to accept something along these lines, and it was challenging. I was so adamant about changing the person that I didn’t realize I was losing myself behind it. I was so busy trying to do my good works that I was failing to do good to myself. One year later I accepted that this is who he is, and that’s not a bad thing. That doesn’t make him a bad person; that just means he isn’t the man for me. Now, I say all of this because through this journey I realized that acceptance doesn’t mean failure, it just means that you’ve accepted what is — unconditionally. Once that happened I felt less bound, and of course, he no longer had any share on the lands in my brain. Suddenly it dawned on me that it was letting go of what wasn’t good for me that I realized acceptance was the way to mental freedom. It was accepting the things that I couldn’t change, and loving the people that wouldn’t change, that I obtained real love and liberty.
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