Children Call on Elected Officials: “Protect Immigrant and Muslim Communities”

“I don’t want anything for Christmas, but one of my wishes is to keep my family protected. Not just my family, but our immigrant community”, wrote 17 year-old Elena from Miami, Florida, whose father was deported, and mother alone has to care for her and four younger siblings.

Like for Elena’s family, the 2016 election brought with it fear and anxiety for many communities across the country, particularly those who are immigrant and Muslim. More than 5 million children living in the United States have at least one undocumented parent, and many have to live in worry that their families could be torn apart. For months, Muslim and immigrant children have watched as hate and bigotry spread fear in their schools and communities.

Yet, young people like Elena also understand that we cannot continue to let our society be driven by fear and hate. Since 2011, thousands of children have stood up for their values through the letter-writing campaign, A Wish for the Holidays. This year, more than 200 children have written letters to elected officials, calling on them to stand in solidarity with immigrant and Muslim communities. And their messages have been clear.

Below are a few of the powerful letters we have received from children. For information on how to participate, visit

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