If you’re like us, you’re a little (or a LOT) worried about the future right now. You want to stand up for women, people of color, low-paid workers, and other vulnerable groups. You want to make sure we sustain our efforts in the fight for justice and liberation. Here are seven ways you can raise your voice effectively and continuously for change. Because together, we are stronger.

1. Call your elected officials. Yes, on the phone.

We’re all used to sending emails. But the truth is, a phone call carries a lot more weight. While your email will get counted and filed, when you call, somebody in your elected official’s office has to listen to you — your voice, your concerns, your good wishes, your humanity. …

To Be Successful, We Must Involve Employers in the Conversation

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Schools across Illinois and the country have begun reopening. With that has come a tangled web of considerations for parents, schools, and employers that highlights how interdependent our systems of work, childcare, and education are. …

By Cherita Ellens, President & CEO of Women Employed

Even though our communities would collapse without their work, as a society, we don’t treat Black women as essential.

The pay gap for Black women has only narrowed by nineteen cents from 1967 to 2018. Black women are paid, on average, thirty-eights cents on the dollar less than white men. This loss represents $1,962 per month, $23,540 per year, and a staggering $941,600 over a 40-year career. Ultimately, this affords Black women less opportunity to build wealth and economic security for themselves and their families.

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Thursday, August 13th is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day. It’s the day that represents how far into 2020 the average Black woman has to work for her earnings to catch up to what a white man earned in 2019. It’s a sobering fact, and it’s a call to action. …


Women Employed

WE relentlessly pursue equity for women in the workforce by effecting policy change, expanding access to education, & advocating for fair, inclusive workplaces.

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