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Sep 20, 2018 · 2 min read

Throughout our 45th anniversary year, WE will be highlighting the generations of women who’ve been impacted by our advocacy for gender equity.

Lydia Bueschel is a long-time supporter of Women Employed and serves on the Board of Directors. She shared with us how WE has helped her become a better advocate for gender equity, and how she’s brought her daughter along for the ride.

What led you to become involved with Women Employed?

I learned about Women Employed from a colleague. I was (and continue to be) so impressed with how driven, effective, and nimble the staff at Women Employed are in working for long-term policy solutions to challenges facing working women at all economic levels and was thrilled to join the Board of Directors when the opportunity arose.

How has Women Employed made you a better advocate for women’s rights in the workplace?

Women Employed’s written materials and in-person programs provide me with the language and confidence to speak to companies and workers at all professional levels about the benefit of fair workplace practices and educational opportunities.

Any favorite memories of how you’ve brought your daughters along on that journey?

I remember attending a panel event with one of my daughters regarding the history of the wage gap and how it impacts women of color more significantly. To my surprise, when the Q&A started, my daughter raised her hand and asked, “Why don’t we learn this in school?” It was an important reminder for me and lesson for her that these issues do not always make it into our national and local conversation, and the importance of hearing and then amplifying the facts and possible solutions within our communities.

What are your hopes for your daughters’ futures as a working woman?

I hope that my daughters find sustaining work at equal pay to their male colleagues, and that in their professional or personal time they pay forward all the support and advancements from which they benefitted (including through the work of Women Employed!).

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