Cloud Technical Program Manager

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Ada Tagoe (she/her) moved to the United Kingdom with her family as a teenager. After studying Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Imperial College London, she spent 15 years working in the Investment Banking industry, starting first on the operation team, then moving to engineering and eventually landing in management as a technical program and people manager.

I moved to the UK from Hong Kong when I was young. …

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This June, in honor of Caribbean Heritage Month, Women of Silicon Valley dedicated our platforms to celebrating women of the Caribbean diaspora in STEM. From medicine to telecom to cybersecurity, these #CaribbeanTechies are killing the game and repping their Caribbean roots however far their journeys take them! Read on for some serious inspiration.

In alphabetical order…

1. Arlene Harris-Webber

Senior Manager at Verizon

Narda Chisholm-Greene (she/her) is a proud Jamaican-born, naturalized citizen of the United States. She is a resident of South Orange, New Jersey, and holds a Master Degree of Science from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Narda is a Senior Manager at Verizon who manages an automation and integration team. She finds so much joy in her role, knowing that she is creating something special that will help her company grow. Her team implements automation use cases that provide efficiency and saves costs for her organization.

Narda says, “Nothing has made me more proud than seeing my company stand with me in…

Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Verizon

Justina Nixon-Saintil (she/her) has a Mechanical Engineering degree, and her career has spanned leadership roles across marketing, program management, network engineering, and social responsibility. Currently, she focuses on creating and leading programs that address the barriers to digital inclusion.

Calibishie, Dominica.

As a child, I was very curious about how things worked and enjoyed problem-solving, especially in math. I had no exposure to engineers, or even a thorough understanding of what engineers did, but my older sister guided me to apply to the School of Engineering at the University at Buffalo. It was a difficult journey, but I prevailed and…

Area Manager at Verizon Inc.

Arlene Harris-Webber (she/her) is an Area Manager for Verizon Inc., servicing the Central Westchester, New York, and Connecticut regions. She is responsible for building and maintaining the infrastructure for Verizon’s Fios and 5G platforms.

Bridgeport, Connecticut.

I was always curious about technology and science and was annoyed at attempts to cast me into ‘traditionally female’ roles. The first time I expressed interest in STEM, I was gently guided to be a teacher or a psychologist instead. I tried that for a while, but I eventually decided I was too curious to be confined to maintaining the status quo. …

Activations Technician at Ultimate Software

Renee J. Robley (she/her) is an Activations Technician at Ultimate Software in South Florida, and boy-mom of one. She is also head cook, bottle washer, and IT guy for her food blog, HomeMadeZagat, highlighting the multicultural influences of Caribbean foods and encouraging home cooks to feel more comfortable creating these dishes.

Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago.

I actually had all intentions of doing physical therapy when I started school on a tennis scholarship. Then I had one computer class elective and was hooked. It was a simple programming class, but I loved the idea of things working in order. I settled…

Director of ICT Pulse Consulting Limited

An experienced Consultant, Manager, Regulator, and Engineer, Michele Marius (she/her) has 20 years’ experience in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and telecommunications, in areas such as policy and regulation, regulatory administration, technology, and governance. She has worked in both the private and public sectors, both in developed and developing countries in the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and the South Pacific.

Currently, Michele is the Director of ICT Pulse Consulting Limited, a research and advisory firm that specializes in a broad range of ICT and telecommunications issues, and is based in Jamaica. She also serves as the Publisher, Editor, and Primary Contributor…

Senior Manager, System Performance, at Verizon

Yaneke Henry (she/her) is a Senior Manager of System Performance at Verizon from San Antonio, Texas.

Bois Content, St. Catherine, Jamaica.

Growing up, my Uncle John would repair old electronic equipment around the yard, so naturally, when it came time to choose a trade at Old Harbor High School I selected Electrical. At the time, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be a Doctor or an Engineer, so I studied Integrated Science and Physics as my science options, along with Electrical and Technical Drawing as my trades.

When I graduated high school, I enrolled in Pre- Engineering at the…

Network Engineer in Verizon Communication

Sheryl Duffus Williams (she/her) is a Network Engineer in Verizon Communication, New York, on the Voice & Video Engineering Core Network Engineering team. She obtained an MBA from Long Island University and Master’s of Science in Information Systems from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Sheryl believes there is a place for all women in science and technology. She is an avid champion for continuous self-improvement and the power of education, which she believes is the catalyst for changing circumstances no matter how humble your beginnings might be.

I am an immigrant from Kingston, Jamaica, who came to this country at the…

I am a Black woman of Jamaican and Grenadian descent, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and I’m part of the first-generation of my family to be born in the USA.

Professionally, I’m a storyteller focused on brand and marketing strategy, and I’m currently on sabbatical as I seek opportunities to move my career to Amsterdam.

For fun, you can usually find me cycling around Brooklyn, doing tricks in an aerial hoop, or curled up with a book.

My road to STEM was a bumpy one.

As a junior high student, I tested into one of the top high…

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