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Technology. It has been advancing forever, but through its form there stems a weed that leaves us with a serious problem!

The numbers don’t lie and there is an urgent need to reach out to women, and to help them reach up.

The pioneers of technology i.e. the companies have transformed other industries with truckloads of apps that dispatch services in a matter of minutes, are expected to maintain this remarkable trajectory for the foreseeable future. But here in lies the dark side. They dramatically lag behind when it comes to advancing women in the field.

Even though women represent a good number of Computer Science graduates, they are still barely visible at the industrial level.

Quite a dichotomy.

The workplace is even more complicated. The numbers show we’re losing women at a staggering rate, due to hostile work environments and the stereotyping of unique individuals with discriminatory labels.

Today, computing has emerged as a sought after skill set that permeates every sphere of our society. It underpins every other STEM discipline, and has created a high demand for technological innovations that change how we think and connect. It’s this energy that is driving today’s information economy.

This demand calls for talent and passion, qualities which do not depend on the gender of the person involved. So, the tech-industry actually needs women that possess such qualities, but that begs the question, “Is the industry poised for embracing change?”

We do not know. But it’s time we seek to dismantle other false stereotypes including the idea that computer science is not a career for the masses. We have to work with the technology industry to create a culture that increases our impact, expands our reach, and continues to push everyone to the forefront of the technological space.

We must make inroads into the upper echelons of power, long enumerated as a men’s bastion.
 Powerful women have done it before. Claiming sixteen spots on the Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women list, these long established leaders continue to be the face of success in a tech culture that has gained a reputation for being unwelcoming to women.

Currently the numbers at the top may be a miniscule minority, yet we are determined to make a mark, with eyes firmly fixed on the goal ahead as we boldly go where few women have ventured before.

“When women speak truly, they speak subversively — they can’t help it: if you’re underneath, if you’re kept down, you break out, you subvert. We are volcanoes. When we women offer our experience as our truth, as human truth, all the maps change. There are new mountains. That’s what I want — to hear you erupting.” — Ursula Le Guin

Change must and will come — however slow it might be.

Here we come, hear us roar!

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