4yP Part II: plans for the future

W&G Fund: So, Lily, you’ve told us how the group works. Tell us what else you could do if you had more to resources to play with.

Lily: Firstly, we would consult with young people as to how they think the funding would best be used to support them and others at 4YP.

With more funding, specifically for the Girls’ Group, we would be able to offer some (modest) pampering activities, which the group have asked for in the past. This would be a nice, relaxing, and for most of them, new experience.

Due to the popularity of the sessions, new young women regularly join Girls’ Group. With more funding, we could employ a sessional worker to support the group, meaning we could welcome more young people to each session.

Further funding could also be used for:

Smartphone — for taking photos ad hoc of activities, which can be used as evidence for outcome monitoring as well as direct sharing on social media (supervised) to promote the group, as an activity on safe internet/social media usage, attracting further funding, and digital skill development;

Training — such as fire awareness and first aid, which will equip young people with skills they and others can benefit from through life;

Tablet — similar reasons to the smartphone, with the addition of enabling activities when out and about (e.g. the park) for creating documents, doing online evaluations, research, giving presentations, etc.

Travel/trips — visiting and learning, whether of other organisations that can offer support (e.g. The Mix in Stowmarket, Level 2 in Felixstowe), museums, exhibitions, performances, etc. that can help expand young people’s horizons and interests.

W&GFS: apart from grants from the Suffolk Community Foundation, where do find your income from?

Lily: As a charity, and receiving no funding from central government, 4YP depends on grants, donations, and community support.

We are taking part in the current round of the Coop Local Community Fund; the monies raised will go towards the Girls’ Group in 2018, helping to ensure its continuation. We will be looking elsewhere to part-fund the remainder. We would of course welcome the continued support of the Women and Girls Fund.

We do look for other donations, whether it be financial to support the services and other groups and activities we offer, or in-kind donations (such as capital items (e.g. IT equipment), volunteering, or sharing social media posts).