5 Facts You Need To Know About WOW Superhero FARAH

Professional wrestling has a long legacy of unconventional ring attire. WOW Superhero Farah made sure to uphold that tradition with her signature look of harem pants and gold, lace-up wrestling boots. But there’s more to know about this star of WOW Season 1 than simply her wardrobe:

1.) She was known as the “Persian Princess.”

Ever the dichotomy, Farah went by the nickname of Princess but wasn’t afraid to get rough in the ring. Likewise, Farah’s Persian descent made her particularly unique in the world of professional wrestling as not many women from Iran chose to pursue careers in the sport.

2.) Wrestling became part of her American Dream.

When Farrah and her family moved to the United States, she knew she wanted a life in the spotlight. She made a name for herself promoting nightclubs in downtown LA but wanted a more physical challenge. That’s where WOW Women of Wrestling came in.

3.) Farah used her size as a weapon.

When most people think about the typical female professional wrestler, they don’t imagine someone as small as Farah. But the Persian Princess used that very attribute to her advantage. Her speed and agility honed from her dance background made her perfectly suited for dodging opponent’s offense.

4.) She never goes it alone.

While wrestling in WOW, Farah excelled when partnered with WOW Superhero Paradise in the tag team division. The two women brought a positive attitude and creative offense that leveraged their matching stature.

While Farah’s ring days may be over, she carries on a bit of that tag team legacy with a new partner — her baby. Many of her fellow WOW sisters were even in attendance at the baby shower.