As her name suggests, Lana Star’s not one to shy away from the spotlight. From her attention-grabbing look to her bold in-ring antics, Lana Star proves why she’s “The Fabulous One” on the WOW roster:

1.) She’s gone Hollywood.

Dwayne Johnson, Dave Bautista, Lana Star. They’re all professional wrestlers that have taken their talents beyond the mat and onto the silver screen. Lana Star’s always had the high maintenance Hollywood attitude, but she’s been building up the credits to back it up.

2.) She rocks Hart Family pink.

Believe it or not, Lana Star grew up a wrestling fan and the Hart Family’s signature pink colors inspired her show-stopping look.

3.) She borrows from the best.

But Lana Star’s appreciation for the Harts goes beyond the pink. When it comes to her in-ring performance, she chooses to emulate the best in the business: Bret Hart.

4.) She doesn’t have time to wait in line.

As the story goes, Lana Star wasn’t about to sit around and wait for WOW officials to pick her during season one tryouts. She cut all the other girls in line, jumped to the front, and proceeded to tell everyone within earshot that she was the most talented woman they were going to see. This would explain why…

5.) She’s got enemies. Got a lot of enemies.

She’s got a lot of people trying to drain her of her energy…and platinum blonde hair color. When you’re as good as Lana Star, you’re bound to have some haters.