The Top 5 Moves in SLAM DUNK’s Wrestling Playbook

Don’t let the smiling headshot fool you. Few women on the WOW roster were as ruthless and dominant as cross-over athlete Slam Dunk. The former college ball player took her talents to the world of professional wrestling and we’re taking a peek into her playbook with the moves that made her a Superhero:

1.) That height.

Is height a “move?” No, not technically.

But at a whopping 6’2”, Slam Dunk made sure to leverage that natural asset and overwhelm any opponent or correspondent for that matter. When she wasn’t using Julie Day as an armrest, Slam Dunk’s height put her at a distinct advantage during WOW Battle Royal matches.

2.) Athleticism

When Slam Dunk entered WOW Women of Wrestling, she was already familiar with the athleticism necessary for such a high-impact sport. She was a former all-star basketball player, competing in both high school and college level. Unfortunately she racked up as many technical and flagrant fouls as she did points.

3.) Intimidation

But basketball’s loss became pro-wrestling’s gain. At least on an entertainment level. Slam Dunk was notorious for getting rough with WOW officials and lorded over the competition with one of the longest undefeated streaks in the company’s history.

4.) Extreme Competitiveness

When asked about the WOW Championship, Slam Dunk was once quoted as saying “I’ve got a mantel filled with trophies. It’d just be something else for my mom to have to dust off.” She’d later change her tune, demanding a title shot. But all her bad attitude got were more disciplinary actions.

5.) A Brutal Chokeslam

When you’re as tall as Slam Dunk, have hands as large as Slam Dunk, and an ego as big as Slam Dunk, a chokeslam seems like the most fitting finisher. While the move devastated Jade and Lotus during this tag team handicap match, it wasn’t infallible. She would face off against fan-favorite Roxy Powers and her super kick put an end to Slam Dunk’s winning streak and closed the playbook for good.