Earlier this month, someone valued me at 2 million dollars and I felt insulted. Valuation, not networth. No, the person doesn’t matter. His random attempt at putting a figure on another man’s life ticked me off. Simply because I don’t think he had the right considerations.

Then again, value is in the eye of the beholder.

One question I used to cringe about being asked is “So what are your values?”

Im sure you’re wondering the kind of people that even asks that. But, truth be told, that’s a question we should all ask. It’s better you actively decide than let them form passively…you may not like what is formed.

As humans, we decide our values... then our values shape our lives.

What kind of person do you want to be? That’s is most quickly defined in the place of the things you place value on.

Examining the things that you value will at a glance show you a picture of the life you’d live. Because the fruits are not produced in a day doesn’t mean that the fruits are not produced daily.

Of course you want to write down the values of your startup. Doing so practically builds the foundation that all other activities would be based on. It also helps you decide ahead. Just so that when you’re in the middle of that difficult decision, you can remember that this particular thing you’re considering is against your values.

When you know what you are, It’s easier to say no to what you’re not.

Values help you choose consistently

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