Ryan Lochte to Teach Sociology Classes on White Privilege at Princeton This Fall
Manny Brown

Dear, Onyeka C. Arah, your outrage, the borderline futility, and your obvious perseverance, are certainly justified; but, you need to read the entire article as the satire it is. None of it is true, in the real sense. However, that it is plausible in our real world, is why the satire works so well.

I was glad to see your post, because I was struck by the number of privileged white commenters (beginning with “Carl Sanburg”)who provide real-time evidence, in this thread, that, like asymptomatic STDs, white privilege is thriving.

If white-privilege goes untreated, the affected person is at risk for developing neurowhiteprivilege (NW-P). This is an infection of the nervous system, specifically the brain and the spinal cord — leading to permanent dissociation from reality, and blinding cowardice. Without treatment, NW-P can be life threatening, leaving the infected one with no life — ever striving, more furiously, to maintain the image of a human being.

[that last paragraph was made up, in a poor attempt to be funny.]

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