Removing My Armor
Katy Widmer

I love your article. It resonates through out my being. Thanks you for stepping out and sharing such a deep, yet familiar aspect.
I have found change and reassurance through a few practices: the first one is a personal practice of befriending yourself and those inner “demons” mostly scared children, called Focusing [ ]; the second is a group practice, safe for removing armor, called Circling
[ or ]; a third, Non-Violent Communications (NVC) [ ] a practice in learning how to speak with compassion to yourself, and then to everyone else.
These trainings and practices, each, help me speed up the process by positive reinforcement, and smooth it out by giving me more contextual information than I could get from working it all out myself…

I love the path you seem to be on, and love feeling the support for my own journey, from your article.