shareLife(time) by sharing talent.

Talent Share. Community Learning.

I’m about to experience and have fun that Sharing Talent with each other is the best way to learn and grow and experience your growth.

Talent Share is going to be a very profound experience for me.

I sent a letter to a top design firm at Hong Kong and then two companies accepted me to learn design and code for them in exchange for free.

Sharing talent is a way to embark my new career path. Design and Coding combined.

OpenSource is really powerful because it’s both solution driven and time-share.

The nature of Open Source is to form a community that helps each other, and stop bashing each other.

I don’t care about how others rewrite or steal my OpenSource, if that even or ever happens.

In fact, I wish there could be more people to be benefited from the process of giving. So that my software is being used and become useful. Not just grow my name or personal brand, but to just compound love and care that is put into the software.

The key is to keep inventing the stuff that I want to use or make it pretty and useful at the same time.

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