cehryl seeks a sweet escape on Kultur’s “Hideaway”

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 1.21.16 AM

I first stumbled upon cehryl’s work through a repost on SoundCloud of her track “pockets.” “pockets” was weathered and led by acoustic guitar strums, but “Hideaway” is a different turn and showcases the versatility with her voice.

Teaming up with Paris producer Kultur, “Hideaway” is a song about “the sweet escape.” With spaced-out, electronic elements, cehryl’s voice is the main melody. Layers of harmonies create the thickness of the hook where she is entertained by what is through the window frame. This isn’t to say Kultur isn’t just providing background noise, he perfects the balance of enough and not-enough throughout the track. When cehryl is present, he lets the winds of his synthesizers take her voice. But when she’s gone, he adds his own melodies to fill the empty spaces with stuttering, slight vocal samples to transition between segments.

Listen over at La Tropical’s SoundCloud.