The Inner Loop’s Writer in Residency Program

This summer, Woodlawn & Pope-Leighey House and Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food and Agriculture, in conjunction with the Inner Loop Writing Series, are partnering to pilot a “Writer in Residence” Program.

The Woodlawn property embodies a multitude of stories in the development of American history, agriculture, literature, and society that continue to educate and inform the public today. One part of that history included the Woodlawn Literary Society, which existed in the 1800’s. In an effort to revive and embrace this part of Woodlawn’s past, the National Trust and Arcadia are providing emerging and established writers with the opportunity to attend events and have expanded access to the property. Through these opportunities, writers will develop their own literary and other artistic works, which will be displayed online on all of our websites.

If you are interested in meeting the authors in person, please consider attending Farm Tonic on the second Sunday of the author’s residency. At Farm Tonic, held on Arcadia Farm, the authors will give a short reading to the community and Arcadia Farm volunteers. Please let Arcadia know that you would like to attend by emailing,

For more information on our writers, please visit our website: