Quoting A Joke-Maker

There are so many inspirational quotes that people remember and use to better themselves. Many people use them as motivation, and many use them for consultation in times of desperation. Whatever the reason, hearing a well-said sentence that is applicable to so many different life scenarios makes us feel supported. Quotes to live by give us reassurance that someone popular enough to have their opinion heard by the masses went through some similar struggles that we are going through right now. They tell us that if they got through that conflict, we can too.

But in my opinion, it’s only the second-best quotes that reassure people that they can overcome every one of their endeavors all by themselves. The greatest quotes, in my opinion, bring people together.

Quotes that help us discover each other’s interests, laugh with each other, and find common ground through something silly. The kinds of quotes bring out positivity. These are the types of quotes that you, Jerry Seinfeld have revolutionized. So many different people worldwide recite Seinfeld’s hundreds of cleverly written, memorable sentences every day — each time with a new context, and said for the purpose of getting a chuckle from their friends, family, or acquaintances. The impact that you and Seinfeld has made on popular culture is something only the most talented of comedic minds can accomplish. However, it would surprise me if any comic can come close to achieving the appreciated popularity of Seinfeld.

You’re a joke-maker Jerry Seinfeld, and you’re one of the best.

Thanks for all the quotes.

-Woods Fines