Never lose your wallet again!

Have you lost your wallet? No problem. The Woolet will help you how to find it. We introduce you to the thinnest and smartest wallet in the world. It’s name is Woolet.

If you have a problem to find your wallet, you will absolutely love this small item making your life easier!

Have you ever lost your wallet? Then you know that uncomfortable feeling and worry about money, cards and documents that were inside. After this unpleasant incident, you have to take care of the whole process: call your bank, file a police report and so on, and so on.

With our smart Woolet, you will stay calm and always know where your valuables are.

Why is it smart?

First of all, because of a self-charging module. This is very simple: every time it gets a push, it charges; every time you sit with your Woolet in your back pocket, it charges. And you do not need to have a charger with you.

You can connect your Woolet with any smartphone which that has Bluetooth 4 (iOS, Android). This small wallet will let you know where you lost it and alert you immediately with a howling signal. Your smartphone will receive the exact location, where you left your valuables.

Details are important!

Woolet is not only practical but also looks very stylish. Every fashion enthusiast will love its design! Handcrafted, ultra-slim leather wallet in two colours: brown and black.

You have to check it out and you will definitely enjoy it.

Originally published at on January 15, 2015.

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