Three Things That Make Woolet Perfect

Presenting three of the most important Woolet essentials. Without these, our wallet wouldn’t be the same smart device we know and love today!

The Soul — The Woolet App

Control the Woolet wallet with a free mobile application for the iOS and Android operating systems. This app synchronises only with Woolet electronics and focuses only on our products. It doesn’t run on systems made by other companies for other gadgets.

It connects to the Woolet via a Bluetooth connection, and it is energy-efficient (works in the background).

The Woolet App has a lot of cool features:

  • Notifications that Woolet was left behind as soon as it is out of reach.
  • Notifications when the wallet is lost and found. It’s possible to adjust notification settings in the application options.
  • “Calling” your Woolet when you are sure you just had it but can’t find it now. It will trigger a sound inside the wallet.
  • The current location of your Woolet shown on a map when the Woolet is within range.
  • The last known location of your Woolet shown on a map when the Woolet is out of range.
  • Launch wallet navigation, and track the wallet’s position on the map based on the last-seen location.
  • Put notifications to sleep for an hour.
  • Quiet Zones that stop notifications in a selected area. When leaving a Quiet Zone without the wallet, you will receive a notification.
  • Registration of the Lost&Found card.
  • Crowd-GPS — every Woolet user will be able to find your wallet if it gets lost or stolen.

The Body — Modern Design

Woolet is full of ingenious solutions. It’s designed with attention to the tiniest details to achieve the ultimate wallet for every man that cherishes both smart technology and smart fashion. So what will you find inside (and outside 😊)?

  • Slim — it will easily fit any pocket and won’t make your trousers bulky. We got rid of unnecessary layers of material and designed it to be really thin — just 9 mm.
  • Handcrafted — all Woolets are entirely handmade by experienced craftsmen. Every copy is unique and checked thoroughly.
  • Italian leather — Woolets are made out 100% natural leather. We’ve chosen the best in the entire world: Italian leather. Your Woolet will be resistant and last for a long time in mint condition.
  • Vegan Woolet — for those who care about the environment and animal rights, we’ve prepared the eco version made from vegetable synthetic leather.
  • Spacious — it can fit up to 10 cards (Travel version a few more), money and coins!
  • Coin pocket — quick access to your change that doesn’t require a zipper or clasp.
  • Travel edition — if you travel a lot, Woolet will be your sidekick that guards not only your money and cards but also passport and boarding passes.
  • Mini-pen and notebooks — our wallets have dedicated space for a mini-pen and notebook. They come in handy when you need to write down an important note, telephone number, reminder, shopping list or just doodle time away.

The Heart — Integrated Electronics

The integrated electronics panel is the inevitable key to the efficient smart wallet. We have already written about the superiority of integrated electronics over trackers inside regular wallets here. So what’s so special about Woolet?

  • The panel is just 1 mm thick, meaning it’s almost invisible and undetectable.
  • The electronics can’t be removed, either by you or a potential thief.
  • The battery is rechargeable on QI-standard pads.
  • Energy efficient — the battery life is quite long, up to six months.
  • Protected by a layer of hips — this way it won’t get squashed or damaged.

The combination of all three results in the ultimately safe smart wallet!

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