Looking for your next Node.js assignment? Try this one in London for size >>> (Technical expert) all levels £60–110k

Senior Software Developer — Node.js & Frontend > London, UK

  • Experiment with new technologies
  • Work with deep technical experts with technology-driven mindset
  • Work on products that attract over 200 million unique visitors per month

We’re working with a global brand based in West-Central London in one of the most affluent areas with sprawling parks, historical buildings and all of London’s main attractions within walking distance. It’s a truly beautiful part of London.

They’re making the transition from Java to Node.js, and with 225 million users depending on the successful implementation the significance of your contribution cannot be under-estimated.

You’ll contribute to the development and delivery of a cutting edge authoring & publishing site responsible for thousands of articles every day. You’ll be working on this and many other projects across the business. You’ll be using the full extent of yourNodeJS expertise and imparting your technical authority on this project.

Therefore your solutions must be reliable, creative, rigorous and extensible. The client employs only the highest quality Engineers too so you’ll be a shining advocate of code structure and source control.

The beauty of this role is that the Engineers who work here are able to work on so many different types of projects, and the client has the highest enthusiasm and passion for Engineering so you won’t see bland solutions. You’re also encouraged to learn so they’ll support your professional development, and the people you work with will be highly technical and naturally curious themselves so you won’t get stuck in a rut. Not one bit.

Your Experience

  • NodeJS expert
  • Front End expert
  • Avid lifelong coder and Github user

If you want to work in an environment where everyone’s proud to be highly technical (but also find time to socialise, indulge in your favourite board games, eat lunch together) then this is the perfect place for you to continue learning your craft.

Technical Environment

Client side

Strong use of JavaScript language, including the following:

  • functions and closures
  • modern JavaScript frameworks.
  • inheritance model and sub-classes
  • scope model
  • type coercions
  • methods of core classes (Function, Array, Object, Date, Math…)
  • regular expressions
  • Promises and generators
  • ES6 language features

Involves use of DOM APIs

  • Nodes and elements
  • DOM tree traversal and events model
  • HTML5 DOM APIs (local storage, history, etc.



Use of NodeJS — if you’ve got this to add to your mastery of the frontend technologies all the better.

  • Core packages
  • NPM packages used for web development
  • Web frameworks — Express, Koa etc.


  • Linux commands
  • Testing frameworks — mocha, karma, selenium
  • Automation — bash, grunt, gulp
  • Build tools — browserify, babel
  • Code coverage
  • Teamcity

Some knowledge of databases is an advantage

  • ElasticSearch query language
  • Redis commands
  • SQL language — MySQL and Oracle flavours

Interested? Contact me directly with your CV sam.woolley@tehkrec.com and I’ll give you some more detail about the role and technical environment.