Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 11/5/16

Dear Diary,

I know it’s been a really long time since I’ve written, but see, the thing is, the diary I had been writing in started getting all weird and not letting me include photos of my adventures, which is kind of a problem because honestly this diary would be pretty boring without the pictures! And then the book just disappeared completely, so I didn’t know what to do. I figured I might as well just stop because I didn’t know if anyone really cared anymore about my continuing story as mayor of Geneva. But then there were some huge changes in town all of a sudden, so I thought I should find a new place to record my diary since there was really awesome and cool stuff to write about again! So here we go…

I honestly don’t remember where I was going, but all of a sudden I found myself on the train back to Geneva, and Isabelle was sitting nearby. She got up all excited and came over to sit with me to let me know that there had been some big changes in town while I was away. Maybe I should leave town more often?

Over on the West side of town, where there used to just be a solid cliff wall of rock, it’s been torn down to give access to a brand new campground! We’ll get to that in a minute, but first, there’s these new town initiatives that Isabelle has set up. I mean, I assume she’s the one who thought of them, since she basically runs all the administrative stuff in town. I’m busy maintaining the greenery and keeping everyone happy by chatting and running errands. A mayor’s work is never done! The initiatives are basically stuff I do normally every day like break rocks, sell items, and whatnot. Those change once a day. And then there are some that give you a couple days to complete, like catching 20 fish or something. So they’re not hard to do, and like I said, it’s stuff I do normally as I maintain Geneva, so it’s mostly easy to complete. Doing so earns you MEOW coupons, which you can use to buy stuff in the new campground. All new items to collect!

Not that I need more stuff to collect because my house looks like it belongs on Hoarders. Although you’d never see beautiful princess furniture like this on Hoarders! Anyway, Nintendo sent me a present in the mail, and it turned out to be this instruction manual. I can read it and learn all about the new things I can do in town.

Eventually I made my way over to the new campground and introduced myself to Harvey. He runs the place. There’s a big roaring campfire and chairs and benches to sit around it. He also sells stuff, just a couple things a day. In this photo I interrupted him reading, but another day I swung by he was feeding the birds. He’s a pretty laid back kind of dude. I like him.

There’s space for two RV’s to park in the campground but only one there so far. The first day I saw Booker hanging out. The interior of their RV’s are all personally decorated and it turns out that I can order furniture items I see if they strike my fancy! Guess it’s better than pulling rank as mayor and just ordering them to give it to me… Oh, and people only seem to camp for a day at a time. After Booker, I saw Zipper T. Bunny, and then Pavé. I have a really nice town here. You should want to stay more than 24 hours!

I was absolutely delighted to learn that Tom Nook had developed a new home expansion, a “secret storeroom!” Just the thing for those of us with hoarder tendencies! It contains four areas with nine sections each, for a grand total of 360 more storage slots by my count. Awesome! And better still, I don’t lose wall space to decorate because of a new door in my home. Nope, the secret access is right next to my light switch, so it’s invisible in the house! (Which means no visitors can take sneaky peeks, either!)

After Nook had my secret storeroom constructed, I realized it had been so long since I’d had to pay him back for a loan that I had forgotten how to do it! Thankfully, he reminded me that I can pay it at the ABD in the post office. Phew! Naturally, I played it off like I totally remembered. Can’t have my citizens thinking their mayor is having memory problems! Oh, and 158,000 bells is chump change for me. During my hiatus, I actually reached the incredible milestone of saving 10 million bells in my bank account!

Nook introduced me to Lottie, who I already know from the Happy Home Academy. But she still took me through a whole tutorial on how to rearrange furniture using the special techniques they developed at the HHA. I had to be polite and let her go through the motions even though I already know all about them. But I have to say it’s nice that they’ve brought these techniques to the regular towns, because it really is a whole lot easier than the way we used to have to move our furniture around!

I was just walking around one day and heard a strange disembodied voice calling out for my help. Eventually I followed it to where it was coming from and found a weird little lamp laying on the ground. When I brought it home, I discovered that it’s home to Wisp, who told me that he can grant me a wish every day! Score!

Wisp has the ability to transform into all kinds of different people so it feels as if they’re actually in the room with you! You just have to have something of theirs in order to summon their… spirit? I guess? It’s all very weird and unsettling. Wisp transformed into Pippy for me, and he honestly looked and sounded just like my best friend. Sadly, they can’t stay long, but you can ask them for a gift or even invite them to move into your town!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any vacancies in Geneva, so Pippy couldn’t move in. I’d hoped maybe she’d just agree to wait until someone moved out so she could move right in, but nope. And when Wisp offered to boot Mallary out, I was tempted, but couldn’t bring myself to just force someone to move. That’s rude. However, now the next time someone who isn’t one of my best friends decides to move, I think I’ll actually let them go…

Oh yeah, another nifty new thing I can do is invite my favorite villagers into my world to hang out and take a picture! This is me and Pippy just sitting on my couch. Unfortunately the camera is pretty awful, so the photos don’t come out well. But it’s still kind of fun!

I can’t wait to see what other new things I discover in town… I’ll be back next week with more!