Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 12/3/16

Dear Diary,

So remember last week when Rodney told me he wanted to move away and I actually decided to let him go so I could invite Pippy to live with me again? Well, the little hamster is still hanging around! I honestly don’t remember what day he said he was planning to move on, but I didn’t think it would be over a week in the future! Whatever. Read on for this week’s weirdness!

It was hard to get a good photo of it, but you can kind of tell that it’s sort of gently snowing here. Like, Thanksgiving — Sorry, Harvest Festival — is over, so now it’s suddenly winter? It didn’t stick, though. And it was just for a little while. Looked pretty as it gently fell all over town, though!

I got a letter from Nintendo that read: “Thanks for playing Animal Crossing Puzzle League! Please accept this fruit-panel floor in celebration of your progress!” Not that I’ve made that much progress. The first round of story mode was super easy but the second one was really hard! But I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of it. It’s a fun game. I wonder what else I might get as a reward for completing and unlocking parts of AC Puzzle League!

Gabi came up with a brand new nickname for me, and I seriously think that “Shmoopy” may be the greatest nickname I’ve ever heard in my life! Can’t wait for everyone else to start calling me that, too!

So Deli was all nervous because he’d borrowed something from Nana but it’s been so long he was afraid she would get mad if he tried to return it. So being a good pal, I returned it for him. She wasn’t that bothered by it, and even offered me a prize if I guessed what was in the box!

I guessed furniture, and that’s exactly what it turned out to be. A trash bin. Which she then gave to me as a reward. So I guess that’s why she wasn’t so mad that Deli had hung on to it for so long. She clearly didn’t want it anymore anyway!

One day I was walking around and I saw Deli just kind of standing under the floral arch. For like, no reason. Just hanging out happy as a clam. So weird. I wonder what he was up to…

Well, the leaves are basically gone from the big tree in the event plaza. Guess winter is well and truly on its way now. It always looks so sad like this. At least once it starts snowing, the tufts of white snow will make it look a little less grim.

Lots of repeat visitors in the campground all week, but one day Jack showed up, and his RV is pretty cool. You can get some of the fun Halloween stuff without actually having to wait for Halloween to come around!

So while going fishing, I stumbled across Gulliver washed up on the shore. As you might remember, the other week I rescued him and pointed him towards Australia. Where he’d already been once. So he sent me a souvenir that I already have. I kind of wasn’t in the mood to deal with his nonsense, so I kind of pondered his comatose body for a moment and then scurried away, leaving him to the fates. I feel terrible, but he has nothing to offer me anymore! Don’t tell anybody I did that!