Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 2/4/17

Dear Diary,

This week in Geneva brought a holiday, a couple attempted defections, and an unexpectedly sweet moment. Read on!

So remember last week when I wrote how I had bought turnips on Sunday and then went the whole entire week without checking the price once? Well, when Re-Tail opened again on Saturday, I went in with my 500 turnips and had to take whatever price she was offering. It would’ve been nice if it had gone way up, but they were 105 bells each, which meant I had to take a loss. Thankfully I’d bought them at 109, so it was only 4 bells per turnip. Phew! I got pretty lucky! It could’ve been a lot worse!

Ribbot tried buttering me up with a joke, but I my smile faded immediately when he segued into telling me that he wanted to move away. Sorry, dude, I’m not done with you yet. Maybe one day, but not today!

Tiffany decided that “gurl” wasn’t a good enough catchphrase anymore and needed something sassier. So I told her to try “betch” instead. I think it really works for her!

Deli told me he wanted to try new foods, but I’m not letting any of my beloved monkeys leave town. So he’s just going to have to get used to our limited menu hereabouts. Actually, Geneva doesn’t even have a restaurant. We should really have a restaurant, now that I think about it. Still, if all you can eat here is what you cook for yourself at home, get yourself an exotic cookbook and learn to make something new!

Personally, I don’t feel like sitting on a snow-covered zen bench in the cold is a good time, but I couldn’t turn down Nana’s invitation, so I hopped up next to her for a brief moment.

And adorably, as soon as I sat down next to her, she leaned in towards me and I leaned towards her! It was so cute! (But like I said, its cold out and sitting in snow is extra-chilly, so I didn’t stay long!)

Now that Deli changed his plans and didn’t move away, I guess he figured if he was going to be stuck here for a while he might as well bury a time capsule for fun. Well, might as well have me bury a time capsule for him!

This week was Groundhog Day, and while I have no idea if Resetti saw his shadow or not and predicted a longer winter or an early spring, I still swung by the Plaza to check in with Isabelle. Once again, she gave me a Resetti Model, which I sold off because I really only need the one. But I did take a moment to get a photo taken with Resetti, giving my best angry scowl. “Why did you reset, you cheater?!”

Deli was pretty chatty this week, trying to move, asking me to help with his time capsule, and even coming up with a new nickname for me! And of course I was fine with being called “boss.” Who wouldn’t be?