Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 4/29/17

Dear Diary,

This week we had a couple of holidays, both of which were rather useless, but one of which gave me a nifty new present! So yay for that! And wait until you see what happened when to monkeys met! This is kind of a long one, so settle in for the ride!

The week started off a little questionable when Nana tried to move away again. But as always I asked her to stay because I love my monkeys. Especially pink ones!

It was Nature Day again, and Isabelle was handing out cool globes again. I know we have the same holidays on the same days every year, but maybe mix it up a little with the presents? I know this comes from a power higher than my little mayorship, but come on. It’s just a suggestion, guys!

I like this photo op because it looks like I’m trying to steal the Earth. Now if only I had a friend who was available to come over and take the other spot!

I was quite thrilled to see my personal nickname suggestion of C Money making its way through the town. It sounds especially cool coming from The Pipster!

I was looking for new pants or shoes to replace the boring ones I’m currently wearing (I don’t want to just order from the catalog because that’s no fun) and while I didn’t find any of those I liked, I did find these sweet heart-shaped pink sunglasses that match my T-shirt perfectly! Very spring-like!

I ran into Monty and Deli when they were having a conversation that took an odd turn. Deli had cake on his face, and Monty was politely pointing it out. But then Deli wanted more cake, and Monty got all food police on him warning him about eating sweets. Not that Deli was particularly bothered! But what really cracked me up was how the conversation ended: With Monty turning to me and sighing…

Gotta love those wacky monkeys! (But now I want spice cake…)

Found Bill camping in Geneva this week, and it’s too bad we don’t have any open slots for him to move into town because he’s exactly the sporty type I enjoy. Oh well!

Gabi tried to move again and again I shut it down. She is literally my last surviving original townsperson so I’m going to do whatever I can to keep her around. I would love it if I could have her stay until I move to a new town myself. Because I don’t think that’s ever happened before. I don’t think I’ve ever left a town after a few years and still had one of my original townspeople still around. That would be awesome! Of course, there’s still no rumors of new town construction going on, but I’m definitely keeping an eye out!

At the end of the week, it was Weeding Day, but of course, I am an awesome mayor who keeps this place spic and span. I always keep the flowers watered and the weeds picked! So there was no work for anyone to do today. Which netted me a lovely gift, and unlike Nature Day, it was a present that I didn’t already have. So that’s nice.

He also mentioned that he would’ve had a special present for any of my friends who swung by on Weeding Day to help out with the weeding. But I guess I’ll never know what that particular gift would be since I don’t really ever have friends over, and it’s not like there’s actual weeding to be done anyway! Although maybe if someone had come over, they would’ve just gotten a free gift like I did!

When he said he gave me a cosmos fan, I thought Leif was talking about space. You know, the cosmos! But it was the flower, of course. Still, it’s a neat little fan, which will come in handy now that it’s getting warmer out!