Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 5/13/17

Dear Diary,

This was a relatively sedate week in Geneva. Agent S is apparently a big recording star, though — who knew? Read on for this week’s adventures!

I always thought it was April Showers that brought May Flowers. But apparently it’s June showers that bring July Flowers? I guess? Whatever. I enjoy the rain because it means I don’t have to worry about watering wilting flowers!

I stumbled across Agent S asking Nana for some help coming up with names for her new record, and things got… weird.

After all that, I should’ve known not to get involved. I should’ve just walked away. But I told her a self-titled album sounded like a good idea.

Which makes no sense because how can there already be an album called “Agent S”? If Agent S didn’t put it out. Unless there’s another Agent S out there, which is just… well, it’s not likely.

This is why I should’ve just walked away as soon as I heard what they were talking about…

This week, Gabi tried to move away, but as you know, I shut that down right quick. I don’t care if she tries to move every single week, I will do what I can to stop her. She’s my only original resident!

So I was enjoying being called C Money, but Deli wanted to call me “cool guy” so how could I say no? I mean, come on! That’s a pretty good nickname.

Speaking of cool, I got tired of waiting for decent pants or shorts to show up in the shops, so I just dug through my dresser, and found I had these acid washed jeans just sitting there. They look way better with my pink ensemble than the khaki pants I’d been wearing.

It turns out “cool guy” hit the ground running in this little town because right away Pippy decided she wanted to start using it, too. And how could I say no?

At the end of the week, Monty tried to move away as well. Unfortunately, I really like my neighbors enough that I don’t really want to lose any of them. Which is awkward. Because while I would love to meet new people, I don’t want to lose the friends I already have. Why can’t there be some kind of expansion so I can make Geneva bigger and have more residents?