Wootini’s Weekly Animal Crossing Diary 7/29/17

Dear Diary,

Well, it was a pretty uneventful week. Not to say that nothing happened, but Agent S just moved out and nobody new has moved in yet. But I did have a visitor, so that was fun!

Lopez told me he had thought up a new nickname for me, and I thought it would be something sweet or romantic, but nope — it’s “genius.” Which I’m definitely not, but hey, whatever makes him happy!

I found a famous mushroom growing next to the tree stump, and instead of selling it (it’s worth a good number of bells!) I decided to try eating it. Because it looks like the same mushroom from that popular videogame. And sure enough, as soon as I ate it, I heard a very familiar sound effect and I grew to giant size! (I’m afraid I may have scared the pants off Pippy… if she was actually wearing any pants, that is) Sadly, the effect literally lasts for a half a second. Barely had enough time to snap this quick photo of the moment!

I don’t do a lot of visiting or get a lot of visitors from other towns these days. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only mayor still taking care of his town regularly. However, my friend, Bucky, has recently started running Gumdrop again, and he’s discovered a few things he’s missing. Last time he visited, he grabbed some peaches, but then he realized he didn’t have any apples.

He swung by to get some apples, and then he decided to check out my shops. Walking down Main Street, I realized it was almost 8:00, so I decided to stick around to hear K.K. Slider’s first set. Bucky decided to join me and we had a blast tearing up the dance floor!

I know Geneva isn’t exactly the biggest town, but for Deli to use having seen it all as his excuse to move it pretty lame. Just tell me you’re sick of me or you don’t like the smell or something. Not that it matters what reason Deli gives me to leave town since I’m just going to tell him to stay anyway. First of all, I won’t willingly give up one of my monkeys, and secondly, we still haven’t gotten a replacement for Agent S yet. Bad enough I’ve only got nine residents in town right now, but I’ll be damned if I have only eight. What will people think?

Unfortunately, Lopez’s nickname kind of took off and a few people started calling me “genius” including Tiffany. This is a lot of pressure to live up to, gang. How about someone come up with another one like… C? That’s nice and plain!

Also, I reached 16 million bells in my savings account. I have more money than I know what to do with. If Isabelle gave me the opportunity, Geneva could be the best town ever with that kind of money. Moving sidewalks, flying cars, in-ground swimming pools for everyone… sky’s the limit!