64 Ways To Think About a News Homepage
Melody Kramer

The Best Thing I’ve Read Today

Melody, thanks so much for this. As the title says it’s genuinely the best thing I’ve read today.

Of course, it’s early. But fear not; it’s one of the greatest thought pieces I’ve come across in a very long time, and this is on my mind a big chunk of every day.

Having recently launched The WordPress Helpers, and with a long career in both media and business management behind me, this has been a topic that’s been gnawing at me for quite a while; in fact (and this hadn’t occurred to me until just now, so thank you!), it’s something I’ve been trying to get the right handle on, forever. Press (“journalism?”)is different than it used to be; that isn’t a lip service, me-too statement, it’s actually true, and in ways that until you take a very hard look at the “right” way to do things you can’t really appreciate fully.

So here you are, throwing more crap against the wall than I’ve ever seen in one place. But which part of it is sticking?

WHO KNOWS? And that’s the point. Let’s assume your 64 examples are exhaustive rather than just exhausting. NOW WHAT?

The thing about media today is that we’ve all become narrowcasters, and are all still looking for ways to be broadcasters. And there’s this tiny part of me that feels like you’ve dragged us — or at least me — just a tiny bit closer to cracking the code. Well done, and thank you!