Where have I been?

Photo by Philip Erbacher

Writing writing writing words words words efshbSKFBKJbuuc! Nailed it!

So.. there’s a chance that I skipped a few days here but lets all make a pact right now to ignore that and pretend like I’ve been super dedicated and an awesome writer. Put your hands in the middle everyone!

So before we move on and forget that I’ve been MIA for a week let me tell you where I’ve been. My excuse, if you will.

As I’ve said in a past post, at the beginning of 2016 I quit my sensible job to pursue a career in the costume industry, more specifically the film industry. Throughout last year I took on a collection of wonderful and horrible jobs and it was only at the end of the year that I found a small piece of confidence to continue on in the industry.

That’s why, when a friend of mine tagged me in a post for a short film looking for a costume designer I laughed and immediately went to message him back and say “Thanks but I’m not a designer”. I went to do this, I typed it up and right before I hit send I thought again and simply responded “Thank you”.

I never intended to take this job but after sitting on the idea for 24 hours something came over me and before I knew it I had expressed interest and had a very positive phone interview. I read the script and BAM! I was in!

When first reading through, it didn’t seem like a huge project but something I failed to take into account was the time of year. I started pre-production a couple of weeks before Christmas and we started filming on January 6th, silly me forgot that a lot of businesses close before Christmas and don’t open back up until January 9th.

Being a modern film made this a lot easier so priority one became the uniforms, the specific costumes. For this project I needed at least six IGA shirts (which I was fortunate enough to borrow) and three up to date NSW police uniforms including utility vests. Let me tell you, those damn vests were hard to find.

Fortunately, there is a very helpful costume facebook page full of people who are all too willing to share their knowledge and experience. After sending a quick message out to the brain-trust I had a list of possible companies where I could hire police uniforms and I tracked down the correct ones to a company in Victoria.

There were lots of problems involving sizing and the fact that the company was also closing around Christmas but I won’t bore you with those details. To keep it short and sweet let’s just say that it was a challenge and I won! I got all the costumes sorted in time and I ended up feeling very prepared.

After my three weeks last year working on the dream project with the dream team I feel very comfortable on set and actually filming this thing was the easiest part of the process (at least for me).

This was my first time as head of my own department with my own assistant and I loved it more than I expected to. Filming went smoothly, the cast and crew were very lovely and I got the privilege of working with a few people who I knew from past projects.

It was a nice compliment getting to the end of this and having multiple people not even realise that this is my first proper costume design job and my first year in the industry. Fake it till you make it right?!

I must admit that it was a… tad… stressful in the lead up to the project. If we’re being completely honest here, this is a massive understatement.

The Production manager tried getting me an assistant to help with pre-production but being so close to Christmas it became impossible.

Unfortunately, I do this thing where in order to get more stuff done in the day I stop doing other things like eating.. and sleeping…… and drinking water. I basically replace all those things with coffee. I know… Way to adult!

Usually I wouldn’t let it get too far because I have people around to yell at me and make me do human stuff but this time my house mates and partner were away and I just stopped humaning. Whoops.

LUCKILY! I have a wonderful, magical sister who sensed my stupidity and took it upon herself to help me with the project and make sure that I stop for meals.

I honestly could not have survived this without her.

There’s something different to learn from every project and that’s probably the main thing I need to take away from this one.

I’m not as useful as I like to think when there is nothing but coffee surging through my veins.

There’s only so much you can achieve in 24 hours and you reach a point where you will be more useful if you actually stop and take care of yourself.

Anyway, that’s where I’ve been.

We finished filming on the 8th of January and now I’m cleaning up my workroom and returning costumes.

It’s finished and I’m pretty impressed with myself.

Now, on to the next one!