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First of all, thanks for bringing your perspective to this conversation.

I respectfully disagree, src-medium.

The progressive movement is about finding compassion, empathy, and room for the voiceless in our society.

Ever since the founding of the United States, we’ve been having a conversation about the direction of our country. For over two centuries, the dominant voices in that conversation have been those of white, straight, Christian, wealthy males.

The only way to address the problems facing our society is for white, straight, Christian, wealthy males to listen to other voices and to learn from their perspective so we can ALL move forward.

If you are within one of those categories: white, Christian, wealthy, or male, to shout down, dismiss or pigeonhole:

  • women,
  • minorities,
  • the disabled,
  • the non-straight,
  • immigrants,
  • or non-Christians

is to cover your ears and demonstrate your disrespect for the entire American conversation.

The point of the progressive movement is to our culture forward so that ALL members have a place, not just the ones at the top and the ones with a historical advantage.

So yes, to defy that forward movement by insisting on hanging on to obsolete ideology that rejects tolerance, diversity, and respect (so-called “political correctness?”) is to be labeled as someone who seeks to keep our culture stagnated.

As someone who only wants to hear themselves talk, and that only people like themselves have the RIGHT to a voice in the conversation about our country’s direction.

Freedom of speech isn’t about everyone talking at once. It’s sometimes about shutting up and listening so everyone has a voice.