Learning From My Failure
David Cancel

I truly wish the men leaving comments had taken a moment to ask: “I wonder how women affected by this kind of disgusting behavior on the daily will respond to David’s message?” before adding their two cents.

Because this isn’t just about vetting. This isn’t about owning mistakes so you can be absolved by the people who benefit the most in a sexist world. This isn’t about diversity efforts or “wokeness” or pearl-clutching.

I’m a huge fan of Drift as a customer-driven company. I use their story and content as examples of how to get close to your customer so you can deliver the best possible value to them, and in turn, grow.

I would like to know, David Cancel, what value were you hoping to deliver to your Hypergrowth community by hiring Grant Cardone, specifically?

With a speaking fee between $50K-$100K, I can’t imagine there not being a purposeful reason to invite him to take part.

Especially since plenty of women and PoC with valuable messages to share could no doubt be hired for a fraction of such a rate (not that they wouldn’t be deserving of a high speaking fee, but when you claim to charge more than Hillary Clinton is currently charging— after being lambasted for charging the market rate for public figures — you sure as shit better bring some life-changing value to the table).

Can you help us understand the story behind the decision to invite Cardone in the first place?