Confessions of a seminar junkie

*stands up, looks contrite, clasps hands*

Hi. I’m Vicky and I’m a product-a-holic.

In my office, I’m building some kind of a crazy person fortress out of books I haven’t yet read and training courses I haven’t yet even got out of the packaging.

You know those hoarders’ houses? Where you feel sad because the person can’t throw anything away and is living in tunnels of newspapers?

Well, my office isn’t quite that bad, but there are tottering piles of stuff.

Hangovers from the time when I used to confuse attending another seminar or event, or buying another training course, or buying another book with action.

It’s easily done, too.

You’re in a bit of a tailspin because you’re not sure where to turn or what to do next, you just know you have to do something. So you do some frantic googling in your pyjamas while frantically slurping tea and washing the dog at the same time, and see something that promises to solve your problem.

So you hit “buy” and slump back in relief.

Fixed it.

Only, of course you haven’t, because such things don’t work like that, more’s the pity.

I know, because that scenario I’ve just described played out for me many times, a few years ago.

(apart from washing the dog. I don’t have a dog)

What you need, if you’re a bit stuck, isn’t more information. You probably have enough of that for now.

What you need is action. To know where to start, what to do first, and how to do it.

Which is what I do in my daily emails.

No more bright shiny objects — just the simple, practical action you need.

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