The LIE we’re all sold

Do you think Serena Williams became the best goddam tennis player in the world by doing what every other tennis player does?

How about Slash from Guns ’n’ Roses — do you think he became the best guitarist in the world by doing what every schmuck with a six-string does?

Or Stephen King, is he the best horror writer in the world cos he does what the average scribbler does?

Hell. NO.


If you wanna be more successful than the average business owner — and if you don’t, you’re bananananas — you gotta do what the average business owner won’t do.

Because, my fine feathered friend, the average business owner is buying a BIG FAT LIE.

But it doesn’t have to be a constant grinding miserable exhausting struggle — despite what you might think when you hop into most entrepreneur BookFace groups.

The business universe is filled with struggling, exhausted, woe-filled, dejected folks who used to be enthusiastic and who are now just flat.

They’re looking around at what everyone else is doing, frantically searching for The Right Way To Do Things.

They see what the masses are doing, and follow them. It’s only natural. We’re wired that way.

But all those masses who are struggling — it doesn’t have to be that way. Business does not have to be a grinding misery.

It really doesn’t.

If you can short-circuit your wiring and put a new connection in — steel yourself to do things differently — you’ll start to see better results.

You’ll start to pull yourself out of 15 hour days and 7 day weeks.

You’ll earn more and work less — if you want to.

Sometimes all you need is someone who’s not in the muck of it with you, to look at what you’re doing and point you in the right direction.

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