The fine art of usurping your partner’s pleasure
Kris Gage

I like the way you put aside your ego to look at yourself and your partner more clearly.

I’ve been through this before. If a guy is that insecure about his performance, pretending to like it even more than you do doesn’t help. Eventually the little pleasure you did get ends up turning to ashes.

Until recently, many of the men I’ve been with have been this way in different contexts. The thing they “need” from you, as you stated here is actually more than you;

It is a sink hole that will never be filled. Something they feel is owed to them by females everywhere.

If you think your partner is worth it, consider exploring new things. If he is not, if he is indeed a sinkhole;

I recommend leaving and exploring your sexuality. Drinking beer you really, really enjoy is better than beer you just kind of drink because it is there.

And if beer kept asking how much you enjoy it, you’d probably stop drinking.

This is just my opinion. Everyone has insecurities, but no one should ask you to solve their insecurities for them.

Thanks for sharing, gave me a lot to think about!

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