Top 5 Moodle Plugins For WordPress

Moodle is an open source course management system which allows educational organizations to manage their online training programs and other modules in an efficient manner. This open source software has been trending over the web and has become a leading choice of the corporate world.

With more than 70 million active users working on the platform, Moodle serves the learning requirements of people from various organizations. Moodle was made as a platform to serve organizations with the technology to avail online learning in a personalized environment As a result of WordPress plugin development services, these features can be integrated in a website with the help of plugins. These plugins have made it easier for the institutes to deliver online services to their respective audiences and satisfy their learning goals.

1. Certificate

The certificate plugin will allow you to create customized certificates that are based on the custom requirements of your courses. The plugin provides you with the options for changing the font, color display as well as the language of the certificate. If you are a developer, you can make changes in this plugin and quite easily and create a certificate as per your choice.

2. Attendance

The Attendance plugin is a highly recommended tool by WordPress website development services since it us used to keep a track of the attendance of the students. The plugin features many options such as Present, Leave, Late and Excused. These aspects will allow you to create a track sheet for maintaining proper records of the attendance of the students in Excel or any other text formats. Based on the number of times the sessions are held, the plugin generates the desired sheet with the help of a single mouse click.

3. Grade Me

The Grade Me WordPress plugin makes the grading task for the teachers quite easier.It is basically a teacher centric plugin. The plugin displays the quizzes, assignments and other tasks that are submitted by the students, but are yet to be marked o graded. The only drawback of this plugin is that it is compatible with groups, which means the student as well as the teacher has to be in the same group so that the grading system may be effective. Individual students or teachers cannot use this plugin without being in the same group.

4. Progress Bar

This plugin acts as a support for the students as well as the teachers. The plugin will enable you to track the progress of the student. Teachers also have the authorization to allow which activities should be displayed with the help of the progress bar. With the help of the overview page, the teachers can keep a check on the work of the students at a glance. They can also highlight the students who are lagging behind or their work is unsatisfactory in their ongoing projects.

5. WordPress-Moodle Integration

WordPress is a highly flexible platform and when all you want the website to focus on is about selling and marketing strategies, there is a lot more that can be done with the integration of Moodle and WordPress. Installing the WordPress-Moodle plugin will enable you to create an online course in Moodle and sell it on a robust platform such as a corporate website or a blog based on WordPress.


Moodle development is not only integrated in big organizations, but it has become a part of small sector companies beyond the education domain. These plugin consultants enable the organizations to picking the best solution that can easily meet their requirements. Created on the reliable PHP platform, Moodle plugins offer highly customized solutions that help an organization in effectively planning as well as executing the desired learning processes.