How Can We Achieve Age Diversity in Silicon Valley?
Steven Levy

I think there are some inherent differences between digital natives (born after 1990 or so) and digital immigrants. The digital natives have a different relationship with technology. We digital immigrants can adapt and weave more technology into our lives, but it’s not the same. That said, we have a perspective that the digital natives lack. They are often too close to the forest to see the trees. Also, older people have “experiential knowledge” that can only be acquired by putting in the years actually experiencing life on the planet. Young people can’t have this kind of knowledge yet, so they tend to discount its value, or even deny its existence. That’s why JFK Jr flew his plane into the Atlantic Ocean. But it’s an asset that older people bring to business….BTW, I’ve heard that age discrimination is on the verge of overtaking race and gender discrimination as something businesses have to prove to regulators that they don’t do. I don’t like quotas on principle, but — are age quotas on the horizon? Thanks for a great article and discussion.