Networks and the Nature of the Firm
Tim O'Reilly

Provocative article & discussion! A couple of things popped into my mind. One is that this networked-business disruption should benefit women disproportionately. Women are natural networkers, thanks to millions of years of evolution. During most of that time, physical strength was a key survival advantage, so women had to seek the safety of numbers and adapt quickly to new situations to ensure their (and their children’s) survival. Cross-cultural studies show that if you put a bunch of 2-year-old boys who don’t know each other together, they test each other and quickly establish hierarchies and pecking orders. Do the same thing with girls, and they establish overlapping networks and pass leadership roles around. Also, I’m wondering about the Experience Economy stuff. As life gets more virtual, people will increasingly be starved for real, tactile, sensory-rich experiences that can only be completely delivered in a brick-and-morter environment.