When to Pivot

I started writing a completely different article than the one you’re reading now. It was planned and outlined. I just had to get it on the page.

Yet, when I sat at my kitchen table, windows open, lime sparkling water next to me, the words didn’t want to come through. My fingers were heavy and uninspired. It took all my willpower to not check Twitter or get up for another handful of cashews.

So, I wrote bullet points, fragments, disjointed thoughts, sentences that felt okay on their own but the creative force making parts into a whole, wasn’t there.

I felt frustrated and tense. My legs curled up into my chest, tight, guarded. The writing felt hard, sluggish, heavy.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking this is normal and expected. But in reality, creating doesn’t have to be so hard.

The energy of abundance and ease is alive in us always. It’s who we are. So when things feel tense and uncomfortable, it’s time to pause.

As my fingers happily left the keyboard and I turned my attention away from the screen, I asked myself, “What article wants to be written?”



“It’s okay to pivot.”

So I shifted directions.

Those words brought me to the article I’m writing now.

Train tracks clicking into place.

The words flowing out.

Simple, easy, my feet away from my chest, comfortable on the ground.

When we feel stuck, uncreative, or uninspired, that’s our inner wisdom guiding us to pivot.

Maybe the original idea wasn’t quite ready to be written. Maybe the timing was off, maybe what you create instead is exactly what you needed to write, and what she needed to read.

It’s okay to go off road. It’s okay to create the work that feels most alive in the moment.

Follow our gut and follow what feels easy. When you do, you will be led to your best work.

If your goal was to write a blog post on cats but are being called to write one on dogs, follow that.

If your plan was to write a chapter of your book but you need to meditate, laugh, make love, write a letter to a friend or create a blog post, do that.

There’s a larger plan at work that’s bigger and more exciting than we can design. Our job is to create from a place of joy, a place of abundance, a place of curiosity.

Doing so adds fuel to our inner fire, to our innate wisdom, our goals, and sense of well-being.

So the next time the work feels hard, check-in with your inner guide for that next right action.





You are the artist of your life. Focus on how you want your work to feel, how you want to feel when creating it and the energy you want to spend this precious life of yours cultivating.

Trust that when you pivot doing leads you to exactly where you need to be.

Trust yourself enough that you will figure out it when you get there.

Trust that each life-filled, love-filled, joy-filled step that you take brings you home.

Why this article wanted to be written over the other one, I don’t get to know. But, I do get to love the magic of the process, the innate grace of creating and allowing.

Jackie Johansen is the founder of Your Words Electric. She’s on a mission to help heart-centered coaches stand out with copy that’s poetic, soulful and in alignment with how they want their brand to feel. If you’d like to make your website more impactful, click HERE for a list of my favorite tools to write words that spark.

Originally published at yourwordselectric.com on February 17, 2016.

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