I simply said that racial violence is not exactly rampant and that fearing it is irrational, which is true.
“ Everything you said reeks of it.” So nothing specific then.
Michael Price

Child abuse by strangers and stranger rape are rare. That never stopped parents feeling worried about their kids going out. Or women worried to walk around alone at night. You can quote statistics at people all you like but they will still rely on their own experience. My experiences in the US tell me that in certain places (not everywhere, but in some locations) a racially mixed couple or group of people are not welcome. People might not lynch anymore, there may be no actual violence, but there’s still a hostile atmosphere, potentially verbal abuse, which don’t exactly contribute to making you feel safe. I remember a white dude having a go at me about being with a black guy (not even my boyfriend at the time) and it was all, what, white dick not good enough for you, and his friends chucking around the n-word.

Why the fuck should I or anyone else have to put up with that shit? And why should anyone be told they’re racist for fearing that they might encounter it in certain places because white fragility? Fuck that. White fragility and white victim blaming equals racism. That’s what I’m saying. I don’t give a flying fuck if you agree with me or not and you can argue as much as you like for woe is me oppressed white dude, but you are part of the problem.

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