So who’s the white racist?
Then what did I say that was racist?
Michael Price

Everything you said reeks of it. If you can’t accept why a Black person might fear going into an all white environment based on the context of an entire nation built on racist ideology, then you are either ignorant, racist yourself, or both. It’s awfully convenient to just put Ijeoma’s comment down to racism, because then you don’t have to examine your own attitudes. In victimizing yourself and other white people, conveniently you silence the discussion and you silence the voices of PoC who need to talk about their experiences. In my experience the US is still profoundly racist — I was not uncomfortable walking into black occupied spaces as the white girlfriend or friend of a black man, but I was afraid of other white people who might racially abuse one or both of us. I don’t feel that way back in the UK, but I certainly did in the US. And I felt the denial from white people who didn’t want to admit any culpability or challenge the attitudes in their own communities, even if they themselves were not the kind of people who would outwardly act racist. No, much easier to cry victim from the other side. And so it goes on.

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