I’m quitting Instagram… for a bit
Melody Ng

I’m no longer either on the gram or Twitter. Not so much to help my productivity- I wish my motivations were that noble — it’s more because I’m irritated by the ‘gram’s narcissism and Twitter’s assholes, and I can’t be bothered. My real life is dull, but so are most other people’s. I simply can’t be arsed storying, filtering and fabricating. I have better things to do. They may be dull, but at least the other things I have to do might earn me money or help me meet people or do new things or at least get my dog walked without having to stop and take pictures and post some self righteous crap about how I love being in nature and I’m at one with the trees or some shit. Fundamentally, nobody cares on those platforms. We perform caring, but it’s not like we really care. We only comment or like for our own ends, really, to create a sense of obligation in others to care about our stuff.

Ha — I think I may have become a bit of a nihilist. But sometimes you have to stop giving as many fucks in order to recover your priorities. I have realized my bank of fucks is not infinite and if I empty it too often on things that don’t really matter, I won’t have anything left for things that do.

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