Oslo restaurant Kontrast gets first Michelin Star

We knew when we first interviewed chef Mikael Svensson of Kontrast in Oslo for Neeach, the social network for food lovers, that the restaurant was going to attract some attention. Kontrast’s emphasis on organic, wild and locally sourced produce follows to some extent in the footsteps of Noma and the wider Scandinavian gastronomy movement, but Svensson uses these as building blocks to create a modern Norwegian cuisine that’s all his own.

Svensson with the wine collection at Kontrast

It came as no surprise to us, therefore, that Kontrast earned its first Michelin star this week. Our reviewer David absolutely loved the food. Our small startup team at Neeach was thrilled to have been able to get some time with chef Mikael, a Swedish-born ice hockey fan, as we have no doubt that he’s going to be even more in demand now he has claimed a star.

It was interesting to read comments by Norwegian chef Eyvind Hellstrøm after the awards this year. He told newsinenglish.no that an award of a Michelin star can actually “become a burden” because of the media hype that can accompany it. We will be watching Kontrast’s development closely on Neeach over the next few months — we hope that the award of a star will only enhance this stunning restaurant and won’t detract from the team producing beautiful food of the best quality.

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