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Then what the hell was your point?

I was responding to your complaint that men are victims of “PC witch hunts” (your own words) and that it’s “snowflakes” who can’t handle a bit of banter. Which rather implies it’s not male banter that’s the problem, but the nasty feminists who can’t handle it and the PC puritans who staff HR departments these days (coincidentally, a lot of HR professionals are female, but it may shock you to learn that some are men and some don’t like lewd dick jokes either). You painted men as innocent victims of PC culture, which is what I was responding to. They’re not innocent and they can choose to modify their behaviour. I bet most of them don’t swear in front of their grandmas, for example, but somehow in business meetings they shouldn’t be expected to?

You seem to hate other women for their snowflakery, but the fact remains, workplaces have changed, they’re not boys’ clubs any more. You seem to be excusing the “boys’ club” mentality without any kind of critical thinking about it. I take it you’re one of those “one of the lads” girls — and I get it, I really do, I did the same in tech to survive and threw my fellow women under the bus who wanted to challenge the status quo. But when it comes to it, the lads will always protect their own.