They are the leading abortion provider in the country and by sending tax payer dollars there you are forcing people who believe abortion to be murder to fund it.
I find this analysis to be bizarre.
Austin Glass

There are plenty of things in every nation that taxpayer money goes to pay for that someone doesn’t agree with. Wars, for example. In the UK, taxpayer money goes to fund crude, inefficient, cruel “work capability assessments” with the sole purpose of denying disabled people the benefits that provide them with dignity and enable them to participate in society. Taxpayer money here has funded fancy dinners and hotels for MPs and duck-houses for their ponds.

In the kind of democracy that we have, there’s always going to be something the government spends its money on that you won’t like. If women having autonomy over their bodies offends these people so much, might I suggest they would be happier in Saudi Arabia? Their philosophies on women would be far more aligned I suspect.

Democracy isn’t perfect and it’s a compromise. It seems a little strange that people are willing to compromise on some things they will allow their money to be spent on but not others.

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